In Their Own Words

Testimonials from our favorite founders, executive directors, board members, donors, impact investors and teams.


"Your strategic plan is incredibly powerful and exciting and you articulated it with so much clarity and energy. I congratulate you on having developed such a well thought out strategy and implementation plan. I look forward to working with you and the team to contribute to achieving it."

- Rosemary, Nonprofit Board Member


"I have had the opportunity to watch and observe a LOT of consultants in my career (regrettably we hired a ton at the corporation I worked for) and you are one of the best I have ever seen in action. It is obvious to me that you are in your calling. I have a second sense when it comes to talent. You have it big time. I will always look to promote you and your skills. Consider me a fan."

- Kevin, Creative Director


"Kate is one of the most capable people I've had the pleasure of working with. Intelligent, resourceful, and enterprising, she brings impressive skills to any project she collaborates on."

- Juanita, Research Institute Director of Instruction & Research



"I highly recommend Impact Partners to anyone desiring to grow their business, and succeed in sharing their vision to supporters. Impact Partners does everything with excellence, and they have honored our team and vision as they have come alongside us to accomplish our goals and mission.

Through their expertise and strategic mindset, Impact Partners has infused confidence, clarity, and courage into me and my team. They have helped us to identify a platform of communication, and sustainable solutions to impact more lives affected by crisis and disaster.” 

- Angel, Nonprofit Founder & CEO


"Kate handled extreme deadlines, and managing vendors and staff with first-class professionalism. She is a creative problem solver that turns complex objectives into actions, delivering consistent results. She takes ownership of the mission, pays attention to the details, and produces exceptional quality work."

- Leonard, Marketing Director


“Our organization is better because of you. Working with you has changed our thinking about so many things, far beyond just fundraising... the way we approach everything.”

- Christie, Director of Operations


"The nonprofit world is a far better place because you are in it. You are amazing in many ways."

- Teri, Global Media Trainer & Communication Strategist


"Kate could always be counted on to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas that absolutely blew me and everyone else away. I have no doubts she will be a valuable addition to any company that gets a chance to work with her in the future."

- Hugo, Community Organizer




"I love the breakdown because it makes it doable. As an investor, I look at it and know “this can get done” and I want to invest my money in something that’s actually going to be pulled off."

- Brian, Donor

"Seeing the whole picture has broadened my perspective immensely of the overall goals of the mission. I admire your strategic work in assisting [CEO] in putting their vision on paper with capacity to communicate what they are doing to a variety of stakeholders."

- Brenda, Donor


"I don’t know anybody that can come in and dig into that brain of [a CEO] and make it out as clear and succinct. Well done. It’s beautiful. Well, well, well done."

- Shelli, Donor


"[The tool] is amazing. It’s spot-on in every single area. I always seem to have ideas, but [here] I have none. I am speechless."

- Evan, Donor


“Kate did a great job capturing the heart. And the vision, and the why. Couldn’t be happier.”

- Sheri, Donor


Note: The names of some client donors and board members have been changed to protect their privacy.