Putting Our Why Into Words

Impact and purpose drive everything we do; they are our True North, guiding our actions and commitments.


We equip and empower female changemakers to maximize their impact and revenue potential.



The Impact Imperative: Our philosophy that every organization, whether "for profit" or "for purpose" has an imperative to maximize their social impact wherever and whenever possible.


We envision a world where every nonprofit is creating systemic change at scale and sustainably. 



Our Values

Female Empowerment

We're feminists and we’re servant leaders. We seek to raise women up. We empower women within our teams, our clients, our families. We look at the whole person and support balance, choice, and priorities, as defined by each individual.

Passion & Purpose

We have a deep love for this field and the work. We believe at our core that social entrepreneurship is the way to change the world. We stand firmly in our conviction. This is more than a job; It’s a purpose. 

Commitment to affect change

We have a commitment to radical, systemic change. We go deeper and take on the toughest issues because it is the only way to affect social justice.

Integrity & Candor

We are honest in our intentions and expressions. Knowing our true north allows us to follow our moral compass. We communicate clearly with compassionate frankness. We think about the wake we leave behind and are committed to self-improvement.

Fearless Trailblazing

We’re not afraid to take bold, calculated risks. We adapt quickly, adjust readily, and innovate often. What we do today will become “best practice” tomorrow. 

Bold Determination

Being firm in our purpose, we can be bold in our actions. We don’t let up. We dig deeper in ourselves and our work. We’re confident, courageous, and strong. 


We believe in abundance, not scarcity. Connection over competition. We connect, we give, we add value. We know that by living in alignment with our values and morals, good things will come. A rising tide lifts all boats. You can do well while doing good.


In this world, in this life, in this work: we’re in it together. We value family, camaraderie, sisterhood and community. We can count on each other. We’ve got each other’s back.