Impact Partners Mastering Major Gifts 

Meet your plug-and-play development department.


Mastering Major Gifts equips nonprofits to establish or expand their major gifts program from the ground up, through our proven and highly efficient fundraising model.

Mastering Major Gifts is your plug-and-play development department. Beginning with establishing your story & rationale, we then guide you through a “5-mile” process that includes everything your organization needs to reach the summit of success.

When you embark on the Mastering Major Gifts journey you can rest assured that your entire team will have all the training, tools, and systems needed to meet and exceed your fundraising goals.

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The online, self-paced DIY version of our Mastering Major Gifts.

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"Working with Impact Partners was a game changer for us. Instead of being reactive, we're able to be proactive. In terms of fundraising, it was a complete shift. Now we’re strategic. We identify potential donors. We go and meet with them. This is a process that I had never embarked on just because I had no idea how to do it. To not have to rely on end of the year funding campaigns is so freeing and empowering. It’s making a major impact on our organization."
- Robin, Impact Partners Client


"It is absolutely, hands down, the best decision that we ever made. And it was invaluable to the success and the growth of our organization over the last few years.”
- Nancy, Impact Partners Client
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