The Impact Partners' Master Plan 

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The Impact Partners' Master Plan is an intensive curriculum that takes nonprofits through strategic planning, vision casting, and program (re)development with a goal of expanding impact and income.

Our program takes you from relying primarily on fundraising dollars to sustain your mission and helps you move toward financial sustainability. Our process streamlines organizations and creates access to new, earned revenue streams that are intrinsic to your business model, predictable, and in your control.

We also ensure your programs and impact are designed for the greatest systemic social change outcomes, holding ourselves to a high standard of excellence and innovation.


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Impact Partners' Master Plan

Three Levels of Service to Meet Your Scaling & Sustainability Needs:

Master Plan Engagement

Our white-glove, all-in service model. Let us be your impact guides, leading you and doing the heavy lifting every step of the way.

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Master Plan Accelerator

Our 10-week accelerated journey will change the way you do business. Applications accepted on a rolling basis for quarterly cohorts.

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Master Plan Bootstrap

The most accessible, self-guided and paced, "DIY" version of the Master Plan Program. You and your team gain full access to all the videos, templates, guides, tools and training you'll need to transform your organization.

Coming in 2021
"I love the breakdown of the strategic roadmap because it makes it doable. As an investor, I look at it and know “this can get done” and I want to invest my money in something that’s actually going to be pulled off."
- Brian, Donor to Impact Partners Client


"Your strategic plan is incredibly powerful and exciting and you articulated it with so much clarity and energy. I congratulate you on having developed such a well thought out strategy and implementation plan. I look forward to working with you and the team to contribute to achieving it."
- Rosemary, Board Member of Client
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