Young Changemakers: On the Market with Social Innovation Experience!

We had a wonderful time participating in our second year of Miami University Social Innovation Weekend! We covered the whole event over on our Instagram page (@ImpactPartners) and you can check it out saved in our highlights.

One of our favorite parts of this event is meeting all of the students and learning about their passions and dreams for their future. We're honored to be in a position to highlight some of the amazing changemakers we met and let you know that THEY ARE ON THE MARKET! If you're looking for a fantastic intern, read on! Below are nine profiles of some incredible social innovators, ready for their next opportunity!

We thank you in advance for investing in young social entrepreneurs alongside us, as part of our philosophy that we all have an imperative to maximize social impact wherever and whenever possible. 

Lucy Greaney

Graduating 2022 | Looking for a Summer internship opportunity

Passionate, Driven, Curious

"I am originally from Cleveland and grew up in the family business scene. I love networking, and spend a lot of my free time making new connections. Before the pandemic started I was living and working abroad for a media startup. I love traveling and hope to work abroad again at some point." 

Allison Blackburn

Graduating 2022 | Looking for Winter and Spring internship opportunities 

Outgoing, Driven, and Spontaneous

"I am an accounting and entrepreneurship major who gets really excited at opportunities to get involved with organizations or just to learn more about the type of work a company does!" 

Margoth Quiros

Graduating 2023 |Looking for a Summer internship opportunity

Compassion, Growth, and Fun

"I am an entrepreneurship and strategic communications double major with a passion for philanthropy and diversity. I'm originally from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, but I moved to Ohio when I was 10! My past has allowed me to embrace differences and has facilitated my journey to becoming a compassionate global citizen." 

[email protected] 

Jenna Walter

Graduating 2022 | Looking for a Summer internship opportunity

Imaginative, Compassionate, and Creative 

“My name is Jenna and I am a junior at Miami University studying Interactive Media and Entrepreneurship, with a studio art minor. Along with being a full-time student, I also am a digital artist, director of marketing/PR for Just Duet [an a capella group on her college campus], a Yoga Instructor and an investment analyst for Social Impact Fund.” 

Matt Huber

Graduating 2022 | Looking for Winter and Spring internship opportunities

Relaxed, Curious, and Willing

“I am a marketing and entrepreneurship student focusing on creativity and problem identification and solutions. I welcome challenging projects, and I would love to pursue such challenges in a team environment.” In the Social Innovation Weekend competition, Matt and his team took First Place & received the People's Choice Award. | [email protected]

Andrew Davis

Graduating 2022 |Looking for Summer and Spring internship opportunities

Leader, Empathetic, and Analytical

“Hi! My name is Andrew Davis and my pronouns are (They/Them/He/Him/His). I am a double Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Individualized Studies major. I spend the vast majority of my time working with social science research primarily focused on intersectionality, organizations, advocacy, and social movements. I am deeply devoted to engaging with social justice work through diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that are based firmly in social science research. Outside of my academic and career work, I love to write and read creative nonfiction and poetry.” In the Social Innovation Weekend competition, Andrew and his team took First Place & received the People's Choice Award. 

[email protected]

Charlotte Roe

Graduating 2022 | Looking for a Summer internship opportunity

Ambitious, Empathetic, and Curious

"I am majoring in Anthropology with minors in Global Health Studies and Geography. I'm interested in medical anthropology and learning about ways people experience and access healthcare!

Dawn Falokun

Graduating 2022 | Looking for a Summer internship opportunity 

Empathetic, Outspoken, and Adaptable

"Dawn Falokun is a biology major with a premedical studies co-major and a minor in Global Health Studies at Miami University. In addition she is a resident advisor and holds executive positions for the African Student’s Union and the Minority Association of Pre-Heath Students.  

During Social Innovation Weekend, she worked on a team of people from across the university –– Tyler Kolocouris, Carly Schweitzer, and Caroline Weiner. She and her team learned that at least 27% of youth transitioning out of the foster care system end up experiencing homelessness by the age of 21. To address this need, they designed a project, “Framing Stability,” to help ensure transitional aged youth in the foster care system have the support, skills, and resources to become productive, stable, housed adults. Dawn’s team advanced to the finals and their pitch placed third after deliberation by judges.  

In the future, once Dawn has obtained her medical degree she hopes to continue to work with health inequities, specifically surrounding maternal health.” 

[email protected] |

Cassidy Schlotterbeck

Graduating 2023 | Looking for Winter and Spring internship opportunities

Detail-Orientated, Results-Driven and Organized

"I am a Business Finance major at Miami University seeking a position that allows me to apply my excellent collaboration and problem solving skills in a team-based setting.  

[email protected]|

To our friends in nonprofit, social enterprise, and impact spaces: if you’re looking for a changemaker to add to your team, here is your chance! Connect directly via the links above or reach out to us and we would be happy to connect you.  


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